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Duncan Miller

The faceting articles published over the past few years in the Mineral Chatter have been compiled into a single 128 page document, available for download for those interested in saving all the articles together. To download the pdf file click here.

A 29,18 ct cuprite from Onganja, Namibia, cut by Duncan Miller and now in a private collection in Germany.

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Zeitz Museum of Contemporary African Art

Posted by Site Moderator Webmaster on Thursday, May 24, 2018,
Once the grain silos of Cape Town Harbour

Built in 1923 the old silos in Cape Town Harbour were used for storing grain awaiting export, and were in operation until 1995. Today they house a modern art gallery. Thanks to the generous sponsorship of Jochen Zeitz, (former CEO of Puma) and the incredible architectural imagination of the Heatherwick Design Studio, the building is now a magnificent place to visit. The old round tubes of silo have been cut away in specific places to open up a central ...

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Posted by Site Moderator Webmaster on Monday, May 7, 2018, In : Faceting 

Here are two stones that Duncan Miller cut recently from rough he bought two months ago at Open Day. The yellow citrine (from Johann de Jongh) has only 58 facets, is 22 mm wide and weighs 37 ct. The design is ‘Xephyr’ by Arya Akhavan (yes, with an ‘X’). The light green fluorite (rough from Rob Smith), is the first one he has ever cut. It has even fewer facets, only 36, is 15,5 mm wide and weighs 16,2 ct. The design is slightly modified from ‘Six Shooter’ by the late Jeff Graham.  ...

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