by Mandy Freeman

During one of the excursions arranged at the 2019 Gemboree, a group of enthusiasts decided to split from the main convoy to return to Tubussis to spend a little more time looking at what this tiny village has to offer. The Green Dragon Mine is located near to Tubussis, and the area is known for good quality demantoid or green garnets. One of the vendors had laid out tables, which due to time constraints, the convoy missed on the first visit, and some very nice aquamarine specimens and rough were purchased. We also discovered an Aladdin’s cave tucked away in the back room of the local grocer, covered in a thick layer of dust, but some really good rough, specimens and fluorescing minerals were discovered under flashlight, behind buckets and stashed under tables.

The big surprise for us was a piece of rough that we purchased from one of the miners. After Len had finished faceting the stone in an emerald cut, it weighed 3,2 ct. It was identified by Jeremy Rothon from the Gem Lab as a colour change garnet. The daylight colour is yellowish-green, and under tungsten light, it changes to reddish-orange. The final grade was moderately good+ and has proved to be a very valuable stone to add to our collection.

Aladdin’s Cave Treasure Trove. This was just one table, and there were two rooms full

Looking through the specimens and rough that the villagers had set out

The Colour Change Garnet. Daylight equivalent 6750K

Picture: Courtesy of The Gem Lab

The Colour Change Garnet. Tungsten 2370K

Picture: Courtesy of The Gem Lab