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Posted by Site Moderator Webmaster on Wednesday, February 24, 2021,
Duncan Miller

Imagine a jigsaw puzzle the size of the Earth, with most of the pieces missing. And those that aren’t missing are moving around all the time. This is the task that confronts some ambitious geologists. It is important because it explains why there are oceans and mountain chains, and why we may find rocks of similar ages and composition on far-flung continents. It also satisfies human scientific curiosity, and keeps some people employed and off the streets.

Until the mid-1960s...

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Botryoidal Minerals: A Colourful Trip Around the Mineral Kingdom

Posted by Site Moderator Webmaster on Wednesday, February 24, 2021, In : Mineralogy 

Peter Rosewarne


My previous MinChat article on fluorite described a colourful trip around the world. In this article we take a colourful trip around the mineral kingdom, using minerals with a botryoidal habit as the guide. The idea came from the supplement to The Mineral Record of January-February 2020 on Mineral Collectors in Arizona, with the focus of one of the collectors being on botryoidal mineral specimens. The term botryoidal is derived from the Greek word botryios or ...

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