Peter Rosewarne

I’ve borrowed the title of a new coffee table book by Gerhard Wagner for this article as it seems appropriate in that the Tourmaline Group encompasses some 14 species currently and it is found in classic localities around the world. The idea for doing this article came from a comment from Jo that EXCO had raised tourmaline as a possible discussion topic. I also have and have had quite a few tourmaline specimens in my collection over the years and have attempted to limit discussion and illustrations to those I am, and hopefully you are, mostly familiar with. I’ve also drawn on information in the extraLapis publication on Tourmaline, the Mineralogical Record (MR) September-October 1985 issue Tourmaline and taken inspiration from the MR January-February 2015 issue on the Pederneira Mine in Brazil. Photographs include photographs of photographs of world-class specimens from the Ikons MR supplement, The Smale Collection and Masterpieces of the Mineral World, with permission, as well as very modest specimens from my own collection, past and present.

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