All photographs shown on this page are taken by members and associates of the club. 

Cuprite - 16 mm; 34,32 ct. Cut by Duncan Miller

Blue tipped clear hexagonal apatite crystals with mica on albite – width of view 20 mm 

 Cuprite on Malachite - Tsumeb (Harrison collection)

Schizolite from the KMF (specimen Colin Owen, photo Jo Wicht)

 Braunite II - Wessels Mine - (J de Jongh)

Lilac Kunzite (Spodumene) - (J de Jongh)

Opalised Ammonite - Madagascar ( J de Jongh) 

Sphalerite from Rosh Pinah (Gisela Hinder)

Stilbite on amethyst quartz Goboboseb   (P de Bruyn)

Stilbite from Grootberg  (P de Bruyn)

Cuprite specimen from DRC  (J de Jongh)

Analcime crystal from Goboboseb, Namibia  (Pieter de Bruyn)

Galena (J de Jongh)

Fluorite from Riemvasmaak (Duncan Miller)

Cerussite (J de Jongh)

Mimetite from Namibia (J de Jongh)

Fluorite - Riemvasmaak (Duncan Miller)

Hausmannite (J de Jongh)

Shattuckite after malachite – pseudomorph - from Kaokoland  (Jo Wicht)

Shigaite (9mm) crystal from the Wessels Mine (Jo Wicht)

Vredendal quartz crystal on Adularia  (Graham Harrison)

These are cuprite from Onganja, Namibia, cut recently by Duncan Miller. The rough was acquired in 1975 from Sid Pieters in Windhoek. The round stone is a 29.16 ct, 16 mm diameter nine-mains brilliant. The 14.38 ct, 16 mm long pear-shaped stone is based on ‘Allan’s Challenge’ by Arya Akhavan, with a simplified pavilion. The 4.78 ct, 8 mm triangular stone is Tom Herbst’s ‘Tris de Garnet’. The square stone is a 34.32 ct, 15.5 mm wide step-cut crown on a simple brilliant pavilion from Jeff R. Graham’s ‘Quick Cushion’. All the stones except the Tris de Garnet have shallow pavilions to reduce absorption of the reflected light. They were cut on a 1200 mesh sintered bronze/diamond lap, pre-polished with 8000 mesh diamond on a Batt lap, and polished with 100 000 mesh or 200 000 mesh diamond on Gearloose’s Lightside laps, which are meant to replace wax laps. With a Mohs’s hardness of 3½–4 and a metallic lustre that shows up the faintest scratch, cuprite is difficult to polish. Duncan says he is still working on getting a better polish!

Sugilite - micro-crystals from a recent find at KMF (Photo Ludi von Bezing)
Multiple doubly terminated smoky quartz crystals displaying window tendencies on a single white crystal acquired by Henri Schram in the Neu Schwaben area, September 2012. It is 250 mm high and 130 mm in diameter.
Planerite from Hout Bay - (Jako Schonken)
Kunzite (Spodumene) faceted by Duncan Miller
Jeremejevite specimens from Mile 72 - first discovery in NamibiaSpecimens and photo Duncan Miller

Stilbite with Epidote, Erongo  (P de Bruyn)

Cuprite specimen from DRC  (J de Jongh) 

Analcime crystal from Goboboseb, Namibia  (Pieter de Bruyn)

Galena specimen from Tsumeb, Namibia  (J de Jongh)

Barite from Rosh Pinah, Namibia (J de Jongh)

Cerussite (J de Jongh)

Azurite from Tsumeb, Namibia (J de Jongh}

Spessartine Garnets from Loliondo in Tanzania (Duncan Miller)

Shattuckite from Kandesei in the Kunene district of Namibia (Jo Wicht) 

Rhodochrosite - Kalahari Manganese Field (Graham Harrison)

Vanadinite (jo Wicht)


Kutnohorite - Kalahari Manganese Field (Graham Harrison)


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