This is the official site of the Mineralogical Society of Southern Africa, which was founded in 1962 by a small group of enthusiastic mineral collectors (and celebrated our 50th anniversary in 2012). The club first met at the Atheneum, and then was based at the Montebello complex in Newlands.  It moved to Bothasig, outside Cape Town, in 1993.

In 2005 it changed its publicly operating name to The Cape Town Gem & Mineral Club, which made it both more pronounceable and more easily remembered. The club achieved Non-Profit Organisation status in 2008, but still falls under the auspices of the Federation of South African Gem & Mineral Societies, which itself was established in 1966.

The motto of the club is Omnem Movere Lapidem - leave no stone unturned!

The formal objects of the Society are to promote and support interest in, knowledge of, and appreciation for mineralogy, geology and other sciences, and arts relating to lapidary craft, and to pursue appropriate initiatives in furtherance of such objects.

For members there is a monthly newsletter known as the Mineral Chatter. This contains details of forthcoming events, mineralogical articles, and other items of interest such as persons wishing to sell machinery, minerals or gem rough.


Field trips are arranged occasionally. This takes members out crystal hunting, studying local granites, or investigating the pegmatites of the Northern Cape. We have a strict code of ethics regarding mineral collecting to ensure the protection of sites for posterity, and the respect for the farmers or mine owners whose land we visit. The Cape Town area itself does not have much in the way of mineral specimens, apart from the occasional quartz crystal in the Hottentots Holland mountains, so field trips are of necessity at least three-hours' drive away. Better still, a six-hour drive takes us to the pegmatite area along the Orange River and this is a favourite hunting ground for all members. There is also the opportunity to visit various painted and engraved rock art sites in the Western and Northern Cape (with the land owners' permission of course).  

An Open Day is held on the first Saturday of every month, which members and the general public attend. Minerals, crystals, natural stone objects such as spheres, as well as gems, beads, and jewellery can be seen. Minerals are discussed, swopped or purchased according to whim. The books in the well-stocked library are available for loan that day, and again on the second Saturday of the month when the Monthly Meeting is held and speakers from within the club, or invited from outside, talk, show slides, or demonstrate items of a mineralogical nature. 

We have workshops for faceting (gem cutting), silversmithing and lapidary. See COURSES for further information.

Should you be interested in learning more please CONTACT Jo, or PO Box 28079, Bothasig, Cape Town, 7406. A map of where to find us can be found under LOCATION. 

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