South Africa has a rich legacy of rock art. Rock paintings, done mostly by former hunter-gatherer communities, can be found in numerous sandstone overhangs, shelters and caves throughout the country. Rock engravings were done on exposed dolerite or limestone boulders in more arid areas without rock shelters. This guide illustrates the wide variety of rock art in the Western and Northern Cape provinces, but for heritage conservation reasons does not provide details of locations. To read further click here.

Stories in Stone

Stories in Stone: Some Rocks and Minerals of the Western Cape

The Western Cape is an ideal place to study rocks. There are lots of them around and there are plenty of examples of the three major rock types; namely igneous rocks, sedimentary rocks, and metamorphic rocks. Duncan Miller has written a series of articles for publication in the Mineral Chatter from July to December 2020 about the geology of the Western Cape. This first article describes the three major rock types, with local examples, and some of the more common minerals occurring in them. Click here to read further.

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